Swedes Take Hollywood

December 1, 2011

Taylor Hackford, Academy Award-Winning Director, President of the Directors Guild of America as well as Director of movies such as ”An Officer and A Gentleman”, ”Against All Odds”  and ”Ray”, presented the Entertainment Award.


Eliason Merit Award

“Today Sweden is a hotbed for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The hugely successful Millennium Books by Stieg Larsson, Alexander Skarsgard’s runaway success in True Blood together with the fact that Swedes, like the hit-maker Max Martin, create 40% of the Top Billboard Hits in the US, are just a few examples of the extensive influence Sweden has in Hollywood today. Adding on Sweden’s successful entrepreneurial endeavors, such as Skype, Spotify, H&M, IKEA and Volvo with cutting edge technological innovations within clean-tech and bio-tech, Swedes seem to be aiming for US and world domination,” ponders Lotta Alsen, the President of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles (SACC-GLA).

For the past 24 years, SACC-GLA has presented the Eliason Merit Award to individuals who have contributed significantly toward strengthening relations between the United States and Sweden in areas of commerce, culture, science, and arts. The award has been named in honor of the late Sven A. Eliason who, through his great contributions to many Swedish-American causes, exemplified the requirements for this award. The Eliason Merit Award Gala is SACC-GLA’s most prestigious event of the year.

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles (SACC-GLA) is proud to announce this year´s three recipients of the 2011 Eliason Merit Award:

  • The Eliason Entertainment Award goes to two-time Academy Award-winning (for “The Bourne Ultimatum” & “Braveheart”) Sound Supervisor Per Hallberg of Soundelux.
  • The Eliason Entrepreneur Award goes to Kerstin Florian for her globally exclusive spa-line, with inspiration from Swedish wholesomeness.
  • The Eliason CSR-initiative goes to STOPP-LA for their revolutionizing campaign “No Right Brain Left Behind” to bring back creativity to US Schools

“We are delighted to honor these extraordinarily accomplished recipients” declares Lotta Alsén, President of SACC-GLA. Some of the previous Eliason Merit Award winners are: the award-studded commercial production company Traktor, the Swedish Consul General in San Francisco, Barbro Osher, actors Ann-Margret and Maud Adams as well as Tomas Jegeus, Co-President of 20th Century Fox.


The Eliason Award ceremony was held at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles on November 18, hosted over 230 guests, and is considered the most important Swedish event of the year. Our MC this year was Maria Montazzami, a well-known Swedish TV-personality, together with the businessman and entertainment entrepreneur and musical artist Travis Carter. Barbro Osher, the Swedish Consul General of San Francisco and Gabriella Augustsson, the Public Affairs and Press Consular of the Swedish Embassy, welcomed the guests and award winners with opening speeches.

Performing during the gala was the band MiLo, emerging from the Los Angeles Downtown Artist Scene with the Swedish composer Mikael Sandgren and Jamaican/American singer Lola Gayle-Sandgren, and the Feeble Music artist Chords. Chords has been a staple of the European hip-hop scene for close to a decade now and is the only Swedish hip-hop artist that has released an album on a major label in the US.

The biggest highlight for the President of SACC-GLA, Lotta Alsén, was having the Oscar Award-Winning Director and American Taylor Hackford lead the entire ballroom in singing ‘Vem kan segla forutan vind’.


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