U.S. Department of State presents a Swedish trainee

Anna Karlsson, trainee at VisitSweden in New York on a J-1 visa sponsored by the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce-USA, is currently featured on the U.S. Department of State’s homepage. Anna is glad to share her positive experiences and encourage any students within tourism and marketing to apply for an internship at VisitSweden as a way to get hands-on experience in both fields.

Senad Santic: Living the dream in San Francisco

The software engineering student Senad Santic went to the U.S. in June last year as member of Chalmers University of Technology’s internship program CETAC. The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce helped him get his six months internship as a web development intern at Cypress Private Security in San Francisco. Senad is now sharing his experience.

Anna Zetterholm: A list and an opportunity that made me cross the Atlantic Ocean

When I finished my MBA degree the work environment in Sweden was bleak because of the global economic crisis. With this in mind, I was looking for possibilities to add to my resume and stumbled upon the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and their J-1Trainee/Intern visa. It gave me an opportunity to gain practical knowledge as well as the experience of working and living in the United States.

Former SACC Trainee lands a job in Rockford

In 2006, an Industrial Partnership Agreement was created between Lidköping and Rockford at the SACC E-Days in Lidköping with the overall purpose to generate business opportunities for each city. In 2008, as one outcome of this agreement, Linnea Bengtsson began working in Rockford as Lidköping´s International Business Development Trainee. Linnea holds a Bachelor Degree in […]

Karin Sörensen, Marketing and PR Assistant Intern at VisitSweden in New York

As I have always enjoyed experiencing different cultures, an international career has become a natural choice for me. I am studying international business with German specialization and I have spent one year as an exchange student in Freiburg, an idyllic student town in southern Germany. I have also had the great opportunity of spending one […]

Carl-Johan, intern at Royal Caribbean Cruises

To suddenly change environment from the very dark and cold Swedish winter to the warm and exotic life in Miami was a great experience for me. I think Miami is so much more than just an American big city and I believe this was one of my biggest surprises when I first arrived. Miami is […]

All Widgets: Social Media, U.S. Style

“Yes we know, we wrote the campaign-site.” As we are walking down the glass-concrete stairs in the large but tasteful office on Madison Ave in New York City, getting the grand tour, we can’t help but pointing that out to our host as she shows us some ping-pong tables and describes a campaign they have […]