Chalmers University

SACC-USA & Chalmers University of Technology Partnership  


Sign up for a Bright Engineering Intern

If you have an engineering project or simply would like some high-caliber assistance, we have a solution for you. The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, SACC-USA, partners with one of Sweden’s most prestigious schools, Chalmers University of Technology, to provide access to highly competitive engineering students who are eager to come to the U.S. to gain practical and cultural experience.

The students participating in the internship program have completed at least three years (B. Sc.) of a five-year master’s program (M. Sc.). Contact Pontus Bäfver at for a list of young men and women who are looking for an internship from 3 to 12 months, starting June 2017.

Chalmers University of Technology 

Chalmers University of Technology, founded in 1829, is consistently ranked among the top 100 Engineering Universities in the world, Chalmers has sent thousands of successful students to the U.S. to undertake internships since 1963.
Starting this summer, one of Chalmers’ well-educated students could come to assist you for up to 12 months with various projects, while bringing new ideas to your operations. As a J-1 visa sponsor, SACC-USA will assist with the visa application.

Become a Host Company 
  • Contact Pontus Bäfver, to receive the students’ resumes or contact your Regional Chamber for assistance.
  • Once you have selected a candidate, SACC-USA assists with the J-1 visa application.
  • Intern arrives in June 2017 (date flexible).
J- 1 Visa Details
  • 3-12 months
  • The host company writes a training plan and provides training supervision.
  • The host pays the intern a compensation to cover living expenses. Compensation is subject to income tax but not to SS or Medicare tax. No need for health benefits as the Intern has her own insurance.

Please contact your SACC Regional Chamber or call Pontus Bäfver, SACC-USA Trainee Program Intern,
at 202-536-1520 or email