A life changing Internship in Atlanta

Frida Åkerberg was previously a trainee at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia. According to Frida the internship changed her life and opened many doors of opportunities. Not only did she gain work experience as a Business Development Coordinator, she also fell in love with the city of Atlanta, and met her future husband.

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (SACC-Georgia) is located in the vibrant city of Atlanta. Every six months they host two trainees, one Marketing and Events Trainee and one Business Development Trainee. Frida Åkerberg from Täby in Sweden was one of the trainees in 2015. She was very pleased with the internship and stayed a full year.

– I wasn’t the kind of intern that only made coffee. It was a real learning experience with a lot of responsibilities. One of the most memorable things I did during my year was arranging the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce Summit, a business event with almost 100 participants. It was such a great lesson and it made me grow as a person, Frida Åkerberg says.

During her internship, she was mainly responsible for setting up a CRM system, outreach, accounting and arranging several events over the year. Today she works as a Program Coordinator at the American Chemical Society.

– The internship at SACC-Georgia has been a great benefit for my career and is one of the reasons why I got the job I have today. I held an event last week for 200 entrepreneurs and it went very well and that is thanks to my previous experience from the chamber.

What made Frida’s experience even more life changing was the fact that she met her husband in Atlanta. They now live together in Washington DC. Frida enjoys her time in the capital, but she also misses Atlanta, the perfect city to live in according to her.

– I had no expectation before I moved to Atlanta, but it turned out to be the coolest city ever. Atlanta has everything – culture, music, art and it’s also a cheap city to live in. It’s a perfect place for an intern.

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