From the fashion capital of the world- SACC Trainee works with Patrik Ervell, NYC

It seems as if time in New York City passes by faster than anywhere else in the world…or maybe it’s just in our world, in the Fashion World – where nothing is ever considered finished until there is no time left.

After spending 4 years at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium it has been great to come to New York City and experience life outside “the bubble” that a school keeps you in. A day in this city is never what you expect it to be and I’m glad for it. Gaining experience through training is a priceless thing, especially in an industry where your creative viewpoint is essential. I am learning how to tweak my ideas to make them interesting, purposeful and most importantly; how to create a product that will be desirable to the consumer.

I am working closely with the head of the company, Patrik Ervell, whose Swedish roots have made me aware of my own heritage. The careful, technical and functional esthetics we share make learning about the industry a true pleasure.

Looking forward, I know that my academic education is valuable and combined with the time spent at Patrik Ervell in New York City I can be sure that I am moving in the right direction.


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