Rickard Wiberg: Living the Dream in the U.S!

Rickard Wiberg was given the chance to pursue the American dream in the Capital of the United States of America, Washington DC as an intern at Casaplex, LLC. This opportunity was made possible through the SACC-USA Trainee Program and this is his internship story.

I conducted my internship at Casaplex, LLC which is a technology systems integration company with projects in the Washington DC area. The company provides a broad range of clients with integrated technology solutions including pro audio/video systems, lighting control, security and surveillance. Compared to Sweden everything in USA is supersized and it is not unusual to have 10 TV’s in a house, which creates opportunities for a firm like Casaplex that provide sound systems. Could you imagine a situation where you could not see the same film in your bedroom as in your living room? I can’t and neither can our clients. Initially I was assigned to several projects and the assignment that kept me busy the whole summer was to improve efficiency, especially for the warehouse layout. Another project I worked with was developing new ways for internal communication and to establish core values within the organization. In order to accomplish these tasks I had to learn new tools like AutoCAD and utilize theories from school, such as lean management.

To my delight, every weekend was busy with activities such as kayaking along the Potomac River, seeing all the Washington DC monuments, going to Florida for a golf and scuba diving vacation, or visiting friends in Virginia Beach. But the highlight was to see my childhood idol Tiger Woods win a big tournament and stand a few feet away when Tiger nailed it onto the green from the woods.  Also, for me as a ice hockey fan, it was awesome to sit front row in the Stanley Cup final. Kensington, where the office and my apartment were located, is a lovely area outside Washington DC. The area has elements of the countryside with a national park as well as political power, which makes it hard to find a place to live there. But that was not a problem since my boss let me sleep on his couch for two weeks, where his dog functioned as an alarm clock by walking on my back in the morning. After two weeks, myself and another intern found a perfect apartment close to the office with a swimming pool.

In conclusion, my internship has been fantastic! I have learned a lot about American culture and I have made a lot of new friends. I would like to thank the SACC-USA Trainee Program who found this position for me and facilitated the process, and last but not least Casaplex for giving me this opportunity, especially my supervisor Derek Goldstein. Only in the US will the boss let you sleep on his couch and join his vacations.

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