Swedish Trainee made Atlas Copco’s services more cost effective and environmentally friendly

The Swedish industrial company Atlas Copco hosted Jonas Olsson, a mathematics student from Linköping University in Sweden, through SACC-USA’s Trainee Program and J-1 Visa Service. He trained at Atlas Copco’s office in Dallas, Texas for two summers.

– We hired him as a summer intern before his Master’s and brought him back the summer after because he did so well, says William Switzer, Business Controller at Atlas Copco.

Hosting a Swedish trainee is a fantastic opportunity for an American company. Trainees educated within the highly regarded Swedish educational system bring expertise within their academic field along with an intimate knowledge of the Swedish and European market, language skills and cross-cultural knowledge. The intern Jonas Olsson did not only contribute his international experience, he also created a software application that the company uses in its shipping process.

– This application has not only made it more efficient for us to transport all around the world, but also much more cost effective and environmentally friendly. This has made Atlas Copco more competitive, says William Switzer.

William Switzer wants to recommend other companies to host a Swedish Trainee.

– It’s an eye opening experience for the company and a tremendous opportunity for a Swedish student to gain exposure at a real company before graduation. There are so many advantages to understanding the reality of the work through hands on experience versus the pursuit of knowledge solely through books. It is an opportunity to apply what you were passionate about in school to a 40 hour work week and see if you still enjoy it.



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