Interning in the US through the SACC network

SACC-USA spoke to two recent SACC interns. Helena Nisser was a finance trainee at SACC-USA from June 2016 to January 2017 and Johanna Ljunglöf was the Executive Assistant at SACC-Chicago from August 2016 to January 2017. Both Helena and Johanna were very enthusiastic about their time in the U.S.

Helena explained that her favorite part of her experience was the opportunity to take initiative in a unique business environment. According to her, working in a small organization with an extended external network like SACC comes with the double benefit of being able to try new things and challenge yourself in a small team environment while also having access to the overview of a large business network. While at SACC-USA Helena worked with finance for the first two months and then moved on to assist with the Trainee Program. She was responsible for finding sponsors for the program and loved the challenge of developing the program's potential.

For Johanna, her favorite part of interning in the U.S. was the opportunity to arrange events and meet interesting new people. One of the things she valued most about being at SACC was that it gave her access to the Swedish professional expat community, which she found very inspiring. She said that she now has many contacts in the U.S. and stays in touch with people from the SACC network. Coming from university in Sweden, she thought it was fun to do something practical while gaining confidence and knowledge about how businesses work.

Both Helena and Johanna said that they learned a lot about themselves while at SACC. According to them, working in the U.S. taught them a lot about their preferences and the way they were used to working with others while in Sweden. Altogether they valued their time in the U.S. as a personal, cultural, and professional learning experience.


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