December: Biggest U.S. Job Increase In 10 years

January 5, 2012

The number of new jobs created in the private sector in the U.S. increased with 325 000 jobs during December 2011, according to a survey by ADP Employer Services, says Bloomberg News. This is considered the biggest increase since the survey was initialized in 2001.

The survey is based on a selection of 225 000 private enterprises and according to Bloomberg News the expected increase among market actors was 178 000 jobs. Instead the survey showed that employment in small companies, up to 49 employees, increased with 148.000, in middle-size companies, between 50-499 employees, increased with 140.000, and in larger corporations, with 37 000 jobs.

Within the service sector the increase in the number of jobs created during December was 273.000. Within goods producing industries the number of jobs increased with 52.000 and within manufacturing with 22.000.

These figures conclude that employment in the U.S. has increased for the fourth month in a row and that U.S. unemployment is decreasing.

During previous month the employment rate was adjusted to 204 000 individuals, from earlier reported 206 000. This can be compared to a total employment increase with 120 000 in November in the official labor market report, and a 140 000 job increase in the private sector.

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