Intel Invests $21 Million In Swedish Tobii

March 16, 2012

This week Intel Capital announced that they would invest $21million (143 million kronor) for a 10% stake in the company. The Swedish company Tobii was founded in 2000 and has developed unique eye-tracking laptops and other devices. Tobii, presently valuated at $200 million. Intel Capitals investment enables further R&D funding and is the last of major investments: in 2007 Tobii raised $14M, then in 2009 another $26.8M.

Co-founder and VP John Elvesjö stated that their plan was to test at small scale in laptops and then expand into larger markets: cars, for instance, or perhaps mobile phones.

Today Tobii’s eyetracking technology has already been demonstrated controlling Windows 8 and Intel probably believes in huge potential within personal and ubiquitous device areas.

Tobii has not yet made profit, instead they suffered a ~$3.5M loss and is still extremely R&D heavy. Intel’s valuation can indicate that the future is promising for the Eye-tracking technology

Tobii is presently one of the innovations touring the U.S. along with 20 other successful Swedish innovations, The exhibition is organized by the Swedish Institute, was inaugurated in House of Sweden in Washington DC March 1st and is open to the public.

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