Sheila, Marketing Intern at SACC-San Francisco

When I first arrived in San Francisco, I was unaware of the great adventure I would soon experience: people, culture, sightseeing, running races… Starting in a small apartment (found through Craig’s List) close to Golden Gate Park, my two new roommates, Dave and Vito showed me unforgettable places to eat, drink and work out. Both […]

Robert, Marketing Intern at SACC-Philadelphia

I came to Philadelphia in mid May 2009 to work at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia as a marketing intern and I will be going home to Sweden, in late October 2009. Working for SACC-Philadelphia has given me a broader perspective of how cultural differences and behavior makes an important and sometimes […]

Daniel, Research Trainee at Sister Kenny Research Center, Minneapolis

During the spring of 2009 I had the pleasure to train at Sister Kenny Research Center, Minneapolis in an inspiring environment where new technology to improve healthcare is being developed. I was involved as a coach in a student project in which my primary tasks were coordinating and integrating two teams of engineering students involved […]

Sophie, Sales Intern at H&M in NY

During five weeks in the summer 2009 I made a Sales Internship at H&M in New York. Being the first Swedish student to do an internship at H&M in US gave me feelings of huge excitement and high expectations. My main project was a “Visual Merchandising test” where the aim was to test the sales […]

Katarina, intern at Hästens, Beverly Hills, CA

My internship is with Hästens on Beverly (in Beverly Hills, CA), which is the newest Hästens showroom in the United States. For about 10 months, I have had the opportunity to be involved in all areas of the business; public relations, advertising, logistics (deliveries, etc.), inventory management, customer service and sales. Each month I have been […]

Marie-Louise at Rockford Area Economic Development Council

I am an international business development trainee at the Rockford Area Economic Development Council. My focus is to facilitate and develop the relationships between Sweden and the U.S. The project has been a great experience in which I have had the opportunity to get to know how Americans think, live and do business. This will […]