Academia meets Industry through the SACC-USA Trainee Program

Several interns participate in the SACC-USA Trainee Program as part of their studies. Hosting an intern could be an opportunity for U.S. companies to get access to knowledge and know-how from Swedish students writing their Bachelor, Master or PhD theses. Juwel Rana, PhD student at Luleå University of Technology, recently came back from his internship at Ericsson Research in the U.S. where he got the chance to better understand the impact of his work from a global perspective.

Juwel is working as a PhD student since December 2008 at the department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering at Luleå University of Technology (LTU), Sweden. The aim of his study is to develop theories of how to improve group communication by harnessing information from social networks and communication services. The current focus of the study is to test and evaluate developed theories in a real world setting. “By interning at Ericsson Research as part of my PhD studies I got the opportunity to validate my academic research problem in respect to current industrial demands”, says Juwel.

Assistant Professor Kåre Synnes, Juwel’s PhD advisor explains that the Trainee Program has been beneficial in establishing contacts between LTU and Ericsson Research. “Without the help with the J1 visa process from the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce it would have been impossible to attain the J1 visa in time. The resulting collaboration show great prospects, not only between LTU and Ericsson in San Jose but also subsequent collaboration between Ericsson in San Jose, Stockholm and Luleå”.

Hosting a PhD intern is not only an opportunity for exchange and future collaborations for the organizations, but also for the intern. “Having an internship during the PhD period opens up new possibilities to work for the industry after completing the PhD” says Juwel. Through his internship he got the chance to expand his network and learn more about important industries and universities interested in similar research issues. He found it encouraging realizing that the academic work he is doing is interesting to people in the industry.

As a result of the PhD study, Juwel Rana has filed one patent application, contributed to another patent application being in the process of filing, and published six peer-reviewed conferences and journal articles.

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